What we tell our children…POC version

This morning I’ve seen a Huffington Post article circling about what to tell “our” children after last night’s horrific show of white supremacy and dominant culture misogyny. It is a nicely written article that talks about honoring democracy, telling them we’ll keep them safe and that not everyone who voted for Trump believes what he believes. All these things may be true….for white folks.

Now here is my POC version:
Sons, some kids (or even teachers) are going to want to bait you today…they are going to be so emboldened by what happened that they are going to see it as an invitation to use their power and privilege to exert dominance over you. You must not engage. Your very future depends on it.

In the coming days weeks months and years, we don’t know what the tenor of our school, community or nation is going to be but I can guess that it is going to get even uglier than it was before. And that means I can’t keep you safe; you will need to make split second decisions about whether what you are about to say/do will get you harassed, beaten or even killed. You will have to decide if your honor can allow you to walk away or stay and fight. You will need to ask the Blessed Mother to intercede on your behalf more times than we ever thought was possible. And you will need the protection of the ancestors in ways that I can’t even begin to imagine right now.

But here is what I do know from our sister and brother Assata Shakur and Cesar Chavez:

We WILL fight for our freedom
And we WILL win
We will love and support each other
Because we have nothing to lose but our chains
¡Sí, se puede!

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