Safety Pin Box

Update: Safety Pin Box sunset about a year ago but you can still plug into real allyship work with the brilliant Leslie Mac at ResistU.

If you are wearing, have worn, have a profile pic of, preached about, provided a basket of or otherwise engaged in “Safety Pin Allyship” I’m calling on you to read the following:

So it has been just over three weeks since the “Safety Pin” exploded onto our FB feeds. In that time I have heard all sorts of reasons for safety pin wearing, most of it centered on how good it made the wearer feel. Not a lot of attention was given when Women of Color leaders said “no, please don’t do this.” To this day, I hear white women say to me “really, I hadn’t heard that they said not to do this” to which I respond “then perhaps you need to look at who is on your Twitter and FB feed” (but that’s a whole other post).

So two brilliant Black Women (Marissa Jenae Johnson and Leslie Mac) did what activists do when faced with a shitstorm of unacknowledged privilege. They organized and figured out a way to educate you on how true allyship works. Thus was born the #SafetyPinBox And not surprising, they are now taking a shitstorm of flak for creating a business and having the audacity to be paid for their efforts.

Let me be clear, this is a commitment to the work of mutual liberation…and that doesn’t come cheap, it is not easy and won’t be done tomorrow. This subscription box meets all that criteria for making a real commitment. Think about that the next time you click on something that says “an easy way to support racial justice is..”

In particular, religious professional colleagues…

…if you preached on safety pins, I’m calling on you to preach about Safety Pin Box.

…if you talked in Religious Education on safety pins, I’m calling on you to talk about Safety Pin Box.

…if your covenant groups put on safety pins I’m challenging you to engage with them about Safety Pin Box.

…if you have a bus full of people going to the Women’s March in January, each of them should at least know about Safety Pin Box if not be a subscriber and/or amplifier.

Here is what I’m willing to do for you…out of my own funds I’m printing Safety Pin Box business cards. I will send you a supply of these cards. If you handed out safety pins, I expect that you will hand these out as well. I remember the pictures people were gleefully posting of the safety pin racks at Michael’s Crafts being empty….so I expect to have lots of requests!

There will be a group of us going to the Women’s March who will have these cards on hand and be prepared to talk about Safety Pin Box to those wearing safety pins. If you’d like to join this group, please PM me.

Take a look at the site, check who you are centering as you are reading the FAQ and let’s all get to work.

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